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The TCI OvuLook™ was developed by OvuLook, LLC, a division of TCI Optics, Inc. TCI is one of the leading manufactures of optical devices in the world with offices in New York, Switzerland and the Czech Republic. In business over 50 years, TCI developed the original lipstick type saliva tester in the Czech Republic in 1994. TCI soon recognized that women needed to be able to refer back to their saliva patterns to completely understand their ovulation cycle.

In 1997, TCI developed the OvuLook™ and spent the next four years in clinical research completing two national studies involving hundreds of women for the United States FDA. TCI was the first company to achieve FDA clearance for an estrogen based saliva tester that read ferning patterns in December of 2001. TCI now has patents for the OvuLook™ in over 90 countries and markets its device worldwide.

As a global leader in optical devices, you can be assured of quality with TCI’s motto of - Total Continuous Improvement.

If you need assistance, please contact us at:

PO Box 1011
Kapaau, HI 96755
Email: info@ovulook.com
Customer Service - 1 866 Ovulation (866 688 5284)

* According to the United States Food and Drug Administration, this device should not be used for contraception, natural birth control or natural family planning. For more information on the OvuLook™ Ovulation Tester clinical trials, please email info@ovulook.com and reference the FDA 510(k) study #K013323.



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