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OvuLook Ovulation Tester Kit
OvuLook Replacement Disk Kit
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The OvuLook™ replacement disk kit contains the following items:
  • (5) tracking disks
  • (1) new applicator brush
  • (1) set of instructions
  • (1) Storage bag

Available At:

The OvuLook™ Ovulation Tester is an information tool, and as such, is subject to individual and variable interpretation and is dependent on the knowledge of the user. The TCI-31 Ovulation Tester is intended to provide information on when you might ovulate, and will not provide protection from, or information about, pregnancy or birth control, nor will it provide protection from, or information about, sexually transmitted diseases. In no event, shall TCI, or its suppliers, be liable for any damages, either consequential or incidental, under any circumstances whatsoever, arising from the use, or inability to use, this product, even if TCI or its suppliers, have been advised of the possibility of such damage.



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